I've been working my not so little tail off down heah in Flerida.....
But today I am carving out some time to tell you guys more about the Cape Code Academy Showhouse room I did in 1995.

(Oh! By the way! Thanks for the tip about scanning pictures in a higher resolution..... I never would have noticed that I had that option!!!!!  Unfortunately, my pictures are in Massachusetts, and I'M NOT.....)
If I had done this room today,  prolly, the only thing I would change is  that the sheets would have been cream and not the brown that I thought was so great at the time.
I hung split burnt bamboo roll up blinds behind the bed, under the valance.
As I told you in my last post, I love mixing burnt bamboo in with my cottage style.
Traditional Home Magazine 1995

When I did this room, I was playing around with the idea of a furniture collection.
I designed several prototypes and used one in this room that
I tucked it at the foot of the bed in the corner.
(I just wrote "food of the bed" it's almost lunch time.....)
Traditional Home Magazine 1995

I called it the Teresa Chair, naming it after Steven Tyler's wife who was one of my best friends at the time.
If I never worked for people, how would I ever have made friends after college???????
I ended up using two of these chairs in Steven and Teresa's family room. She had me cover them in a wild combination of Osborne & Little fabrics.

As you can see in my super duper collage.....
I used another old lighting fixture by the chair that was similar to the hanging light over the bed.
I also used the same fabrics from the bed and windows mixed up on the chair.
The green stripe is the bed skirt fabric.
Then I contrast welted every thing in a dark green velvet, just because I'm weird.
I could write more.....
but, as usual.....
I caught a cold from the damn flight down here.
I sit on the plane, feeling fine, thinking.....I'm not going to get a cold.....I am healthy and strong!!!!!
And then two or three days later.....bam!!!!!
So, please send me some Kleenex and Nyquil.

On that note,
Later, Gater


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