Now that I've shown you all the living room and kitchen of my tiny leetle cottage on Cape Cod, let's go into the bedrooms.
There were two in this palatial retreat.
A master and a guest room.
You could barely turn around in either one.
you may remember the bird prints over the bed.
They are in my Massachusetts bedroom, right now.....
as I am writing this pithy post!!!!!
back to the cottage.....
The quilt came from my Watertown bedroom.....
you may remember it!!!???
All this crap stuff, just gets moved around.
I needed to use it in the photo shoot, because I had to stage it differently for the two magazines that were shooting it that day.
The other way it was shot was like this, here, in the following picture!!!
This was the way I actually had the room.
I loved the multicolored quilt that I found in an antique store on route 6 in Dennis.
The Lloyd Loom chair I took with me when I sold this house, as well as the bed, and used them in my Lake Sunapee cabin, when I expanded it to have a lower floor,,
I even reused the purple pillow.

The bed I redesigned just a little, by removing the tester
 (wooden sticks that connected the four posts)
and having finials made that I glued my wooden black forest bears to.
Side by side comparison....
So this is how you can change up a room a little for a photo shoot.
The quilt was different as I said.
The red needlepoint pillow was moved from the bed to the chair.
The pillows on the bed were different.
The shot on the left had the 1930's collapsible bed tray set up with orange juice and other breakfasty things.
The flowers were different, and the container holding them was different.
This is like one of those games, where you have to find what's different!!!!!
I was going to show you the guest room.....
but my shoulders are starting to cramp up because I type at a table that looks good, but is too high.
So much for form following function.
I am not always practical.
Anyway, it's dinner time, and you know how I get when I'm hungry.
on that note,
Latah, Gatah


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