Like I mentioned in my Previous post, I have this wall in my kitchen that I need your help with

When I renovated my kitchen last summer, I really wanted a cabinet placed here beside the oven wall. However, the Cabinet designer, convinced me otherwise since the space was gonna be too tight and no cabinet would fit in that narrow corner well without causing any problem with the island across…

So I thought, I'll just have a furniture there small enough for my coffee station.

I first used this Threshold bar cart, But it didn't fit that corner as well.
So I made the Switcheroo as you know already.

So now that I love how my DIY Bar Cart looked here, I now want extra storage up top.

And here are my options so far…

Straight and Narrow Wall storage from Land of Nod

PROS: as the name implies - straight and narrow, love the knobs on the bottom to hang my cups in
CONS: not sure about the finish since it might not match the type of white on the wall (I can always paint) and style, it's 23.75" wide

Chantilly Wall Shelves from Land of Nod
PROS: pretty, matches my gold shelf, easy install, perfect size
CONS: might be too 'dainty' and I might grow tired of the design easily
Dillon Triple Glass Shelf from RH
PROS: Elegant design & perfect chrome finish, love the amount of storage
CONS: at 21" might still be a bit too tight for the wall
Format Storage from CB2
PROS: goes with anything, display options in, out and on top are limitless
CONS: might be squeezing it a bit at 22", might not be sturdy enough for mugs or coffee, may look to modern in my kitchen

Sift Raw Wall Shelf from CB2
PROS: Perfect for my Coffee station paraphernalia with lots of storage, sturdy-looking
CONS: again this will be a tight fit at 24", may be too industrial-looking????

Hayden Chalkboard from PB Kids
PROS: Love that I could easily change up the decor on the chalk board and the shelf is cute
CONS: Too wide (24") and a bit tall too

So what do you think?  I really don't want this blank wall here, but I want some function on it too and not just hang a piece of art .
Please HELP, I value your opinion and would appreciate any suggestion you can make. 

Have a Great Day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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