OK Kampers.......
This is the next to last space to show y'all of Connie and Chris's Vermont home.
Across the pond from the main house is this little gem of a cottage.
It was there when they bought the property,
 but has been totally reinvented by MOI!!!!!
(with the help of Les Brown, my buddy, who is the architect I worked with for a millennium.....)
We added the metal roof and the front porch and the French door and the window box and the adirondack chairs and the peonies and ...and...and.......
Inside there had been a loft over the left half of the room which made the space feel claustrophobic and dark.
Since NOBODY was going to be climbing up no ladder to get to it.....
we took it out!!!!!
Which opened up the space nicely.
We painted the inside a light cream, but left the beams a nice dark stained wood.
I chose a pretty lemon yellow that matched the background color of the floral fabric to paint the shutters and woodwork around the windows.
The same color was used on the headboard.
I used the same fabric in my Massachusetts Study on the little sofa by my desk.
Don't tell Connie, but I made the pillows out of left over fabric from her house!!!!!
I am shameless and have no scruples.......
Lucky for me she can't remember how to get to my house, and every time she comes to visit me she has to have me tell her once again how to get to where I live.......
We used the fabric for the duvet cover and bed skirt as well as the club chair and ottoman.
Blue was used as the contrast color for both the welting and the bottom edge of the dust ruffle.
I fell in love with the cottagey vibe of the floor lamp, and got Connie to buy if for this little house.
The flowers on the lampshade go so well with the overall feeling of the room.
For guests that Connie and Chris hope won't want to return.....
is this little log cabin in a clearing in the woods up the hill from the house.
Chris built it with a friend of his.
It's something he always wanted to do.
No plumbing.
No electricity.
No heat.....
Since I guess that the cat's out of the bag about me stealing Connie's fabric, 
this is probably where I'll be put if I come back to visit......

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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