Well Kampers!!!!!
Kris and I are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!
Her guest room is really coming along.
As you can see.....
the chair I painted and reupholstered for her has found its new home.
I just need to make a patterned toss pillow for it.....
Maybe a needlepoint?????
So now that the chair was in the room, it was time to hang the rest of the artwork on the walls.
First I attacked the space over the bureau.
We needed to choose the lamp that would sit on top, 
so I pulled some things from our inventory.
I tried a carved alabaster one that I absolutely adore.......
It was sort of lost.
Too delicate.
We decided that the floral one would be better.
I had been afraid that it would blend too much into the wallpaper, but once the artwork was hung.....
 it made a wonderful backdrop for the lamp.
I didn't have a lampshade for it.....
but Kris had been holding one from our bidness that we bought eons ago!!!!!
We bought it from Linens and Things, that is now out of business. That's how long we hold on to stuff.
I used to love that store, it had more fun stuff than Bed Bath and Beyond.
We had been waiting for the chair to come back to the room before
 we hung the portrait of the little girl in the pink dress.
Remember her?????
She's been very patient, just hanging around till we were ready for her.
This is an absolutely delightful portrait, and she's in the prefect color dress!!!!!
The pink matches the pink in the room!!!!!
The artist was known for his portraits, Kris looked him up.....
She's a reference librarian, after all.....
His name was W. Sherwood.
She's what greets the guest when he or she comes to stay.
This is the view from the hall doorway.
Kris calls this room her guestroom....
I call it the recovery room.
Her husband is an anesthesiologist, and if I ever need another operation, I'm going to have him be my doctor.
This is the room I plan on staying in the first couple of nights after my surgery.
I figure, he will make sure that 

I realize that I can be a pain.....
But that doesn't mean that I want to feel any!!!!!
On that note....
Latah, Gatah


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