When I was contacted  by ONE KINGS LANE to write a post about a statement chair in my home, it was a bit difficult to choose!

That's because, I've realized (luckily) early on,  that I should put only the things I truly love and want in my home (thank you Nate Berkus for this advise)!

And so,  I came up with these two…

and this…

Yes, the two patterned modern wing chairs in my living room are my favorite for the very simple fact that I chose every bit of details on these pair. From the fabric, type of wood, nail heads and of course style, these custom-made chairs were a dream for me.

And as you can see, it goes with the changes I make in my home each season too!

Now the second one is a favorite because of sentimental reasons.
It was the chair given by my mom for our first home!

Though it can seem 'generic', I love it's clean swooping arms and it's velvety-suede fabric and definitely, will be a keeper in my home for years to come! And also, it's design is aptly named "AIDAN" just like you know who?!

And speaking of chairs, ONE KINGS LANE HOME DECOR RESOURCE site is definitely a fun and truly informative source for us bloggers if we want to know about home decor styles and items!

I truly enjoyed browsing thru the different info on chairs and their interactive map on the
HISTORY OF CHAIRS, pretty interesting!


I definitely will be coming back to this site and reading more.

By the way, thank  you for all your comments on my wall! I truly appreciate your help on it and will hopefully make up my mind soon!!!!THANKS!

That was fun, Hope You all have a Wonderful Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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