When I posted this picture on INSTAGRAM two weeks ago all of you said the same thing…

My Caption read - "I'm gonna regret passing up on this $30 Campaign Desk at GOODWILL!"
"GO BACK!!!"

And as if by some divine revelation, I also saw the perfect chair on site at the perfect price, that before I could head out the door, I strolled right back and grabbed the tag on this baby and the chair! SCORE!

I didn't really think about where I'll put it or what my hubs would think of 'another' furniture in the house AGAIN, I just went with my gut and got it!

I've always wanted to have campaign furniture in my home and  this beauty, in near-perfect condition, was just too good to pass up! I knew I'd find a place for it somewhere.

So I followed the not-so-wise adage: "BUY NOW, THINK LATER"! ;-)

Guest room
And as I was driving back home, I knew where I would put it -The room above…

And here it is now…

I think it's a perfect writing desk/Vanity here. 
The drawers are pretty useful too for guests to store their things in and I love how I get to use some of my thrifted art as well!

A personal spot for guests
I placed this faceted mirror I got from TJ MAXX on clearance years ago ($20) on top, added some pictures, milk glass pot with some dried hydrangeas, the wireless phone and a desk lamp.

The chair is from the Threshold line of TARGET which I scored from GOODWILL for $29.99.

Nate Berkus Lamp - scored from TARGET Clearance for $32
I love the modern shape of this lamp and the marble base helps add to it's appeal.

The Cityscape oil painting of Chicago is a Goodwill find as well for $3, and you already saw the Paint-by-number Boy with dog Art work I scored on one of my shopping trips for $5. the canvas map art of old Paris is a clearance find from TJ Maxx as well. 

Inside the desk have these imprinted…

I tired looking up these BRANDS/LABELS on Google but only found similar vintage furniture for sale with these brands...

From ETSY $339

Anyway, I'm really very happy about this find.
I don't think I will paint it for now. If there's something that needs painting, I think it's definitely the room itself!

Yup, change is in order for this room

Particularly with the wall paint
I also need to update these…

Typical Barrel Cane Chairs I scored for $5 years ago.
I don't think I want to re-paint it but I really NEED to re-upholster it, and I know Tiffany at "Living Savvy" is doing just that to hers, so I need to wait for her tutorial.

Anyway, that's it for now. Please let me know if you know anything about "CAMPAIGNER" or "DIXIE" brand.

How about you, any great scores lately? Regrets? Do you also follow the "Buy Now, Think Later" mantra sometime?

Hope you have a Fabulous Week!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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