I don't know about you, but for me, EBAY has been one of the best bargain sites around.

I mean, I have bought a lot cutsie stuff from EBAY at super cheap prices. 

Yup, got me one of these

I usually go here to satisfy my "shopping crave" and usually end up buying these cheap thrills that cost me very little.

Got this too!
But as you notice I've only bought small personal items on EBAY.
And that's because most of these super cheap stuff comes from CHINA.

And it's not that the Chinese sellers are unreliable BUT, let's face it, any item that needs OVERSEAS SHIPPING, kinda makes you doubt on wether you'll end up getting your item or not.


For one thing, tracking, though usually provided,  is not the same type of tracking we have here. And for less than 2 bucks, would you really bother to complain to the authorities about an item you didn't get?!

So one day, while trying to satisfy again my "shopping itch" (yes, it evolves, from a crave to an itch if you don't satisfy it ;-)), I saw these….

It was perfect for my Indigo Winter Living room. Though I wasn't sure of the quality, heck, for the price, I was willing to risk it. So I ordered these on the 12th of January. And by some unforeseen 'miracle' it arrived early on the 25th of January!
It was fast considering the items above took about 3-4 weeks before I got them! 

Here they are now!


They are no means a substitute for what I really wanted for my living room, which would be pillows covered inSchumacher's Chiang Mai Chinese Blue Dragon Fabric, which you can order HERE. 


BUT, I really love how they look and how well it goes with my Indigo Winter Living Room!
And so until I have the budget for the expensive version, I'm pretty happy with my $8 throw pillows for now!

How about you? What's the bravest thing you've bought on EBAY for yourself or for you home? Have you tried buying from overseas sellers? Please do share your experiences!

Happy Shopping!


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