OK Kampers,
I'm exhausted.
I've been antiquing with Connie all day, but I can't write about that for another week.....
in the meantime.....
let's go back to the attic bedroom I did in 1995 for the Cape Cod Academy Showhouse.

I love dressing tables in bedrooms for a couple of reasons.
They can be used for primping.....
but more than that they can look really pretty!!!!!
I put one in this attic room, because I knew it would photograph well,
and as we all know.....
It's all about the pictures!!!!!
Traditional Home Magazine 1995
I bought an inexpensive mirror that I thought would be cool covered in sand and shells.
It was really gaudy, painted in a garish gold.
Since I was going to cover it in sand, it didn't matter what the finish looked like.
 But first I had to find some sand.
When I looked around for sand, all I could find were large bags for filling sandboxes.
I called a local brick and sand lot, and asked if I could just buy a little bit.
When the guy saw I only wanted a little bag of it, he charged me 5 dollars.
Looking back, I think I overpaid, but at the time, I felt like I got a bargain.
I sprayed the mirror with adhesive, and sprinkled the sand all over it.....
making one very big mess.
I glued some shells on it in a very artistic manner!!!!!
What I didn't realize, was that the shells were glued to the sand.....
and the sand could give way.....
so the shells would fall off!!!!!
I had to travel around with my gluegun.
After the showhouse was over, I gave this mirror to my friend, Terry Hamilton, and she claimed that no more shells fell off.
Maybe I'm cursed!!!!!????!!!!
Being meeee..... just the mirror on the wall wasn't enough.
I needed more stuff.
So what does one put on the walls when one needs more stuff?????
I was having trouble finding floral ones with a creamy background color.
All of the ones I found had very white tones.
I glazed some with a brown tone, and made them yellower.
By this time I had completely lost my mind,
I was really getting into the seaside theme. (wait till I show you the attached little porch I did.)
I found some seahorse charms, and stuck them into the top edge of the dressing table boudoir lamps.
Sailors' valentines are always pretty.
They are trinket boxes and other small items that sailors would encrust with shells for their sweethearts while they were away on the open seas.
This little mirror was something I found while poking around on the Cape, and I set it on the dressing table top for another ocean themed accent.
1995 was when I was in the height of my love of fringe.
I had this bullion added to the top of the skirt, just because I could!!!!!
It adds another layer of texture and color.
I was using scraps of fringe left over from other jobs that my workroom had lying around.
I had the little chair covered in a piece of tapestry I bought and held on to, having no idea how it would be used.
We had the piece edged with left over green velvet from the chair welting that I did across the room.
This chair was something I had picked up for a client, thinking she would like it for a dressing table seat.
I had planned on painting it white for her.
She didn't like it, SO I GOT IT!!!!!
All my best stuff is the things my clients don't want.
It's now sitting in my Massachusetts kitchen.
I am the ultimate recycler!!!!!
That's it for today, guys.
I still have this miserable cold.

On that note,
Later, Gater


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