Three more rooms and we're done with Connie's Vermont home.
You probably thought that this story would go on for
ever and ever and ever and ever and ever..............                
Well, we're getting to the end.....
Next room to show you guys is the sitting area in the second floor hall, just by the stairs.
This space is outside the two second floor guest rooms and I set it up to have a sofa with a club chair and a wicker chair as well as a little TV for the grandkids.
  One day, when Connie and I were out and about, antiquing and just generally getting into all sorts of trouble.....we came across this woven rush bench!!!!! 
it was love at first sight.
Needless to say.....
we started the age old song and dance of.....
I stuck it at the top of the stairs, just outside the master bedroom suite, across from the sofa and wicker chair.
We placed a pair of framed hand colored bird prints,  that we found in Quichee Vermont, over the bench.
Some folks are superstitious about having birds in their decorating, but I love them and use them all the time.
let's go back to the first picture, because I forgot to talk about it!!!!!
The red wicker chair is from Palecek, and is called the Sunroom High Back Chair.
(Note to my readers!!!!!
I am trying to put a link for this chair, but I'm using a mac computer, and it's not letting me do NOTHIN'!!!!!)
The lamp is a wonderful old piece of Tramp Art that we found and had electrified.
And of course had a custom shade made......
The sofa was slipcovered, as it was planned for the use of many little grubby bodies coming to visit.
The coffee table was made out of an old wooden sled.
I fell in love with this piece.
The metal runners had been removed, so was safe for the grandkids.
Behind the wicker chair are some more bird prints, 'cuz you guys know that I like to carry a theme.....
it makes it more fun to look for stuff.
Next to the wicker chair we placed a little willow Adirondack table that we found locally.
Willow furniture has always been a favorite of mine.

Now let's get back to my problems with this Apple computer!!!!!
I originally got it for my mom, but she wanted a larger desk top, so I kept it as a back up machine.
my PC is in the shop, so I'm writing my blog on this little baby.
When I load the pictures to my blog, rather than going where I want them, they insist on loading at the top of the screen, and then I have to drag them down to where I want the damn things to be.
On top of that irritation.....
last night I installed iTunes on it, and I can't figure out how to add to my playlist for my iPod.
I'm sinking and sinking and sinking, and it ain't doin' what I wants!!!!!
I looked at tutorials, 
I need my niece to help me.
Now I know why my siblings had chillin's!!!!
It's for the tech support.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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