Ok, big day is tomorrow!

But before I go I just want to share with you the DONE basement Guest room which my mother is currently enjoying! We finished it the last minute, finding and fixing all the things I needed to fix except for 1 detail....

Anyway, let's start shall we?

 As luck would have it, I was lucky to find the similar Tahari Curtain Patterned curtain at my local TJ Maxx on CLEARANCE! I just couldn't believe it, it was meant to be. The color is different though, the new one is colored grey, but I thought it would work since the bedding and bed is grey and I think it does.
Finally got to cover the ugly storm door too
I wanted to get a screen initially as suggested by Jessie over at Mix & Chic, however, I couldn't find something tall enough that would cover that door that was affordable too! So curtains it it :-)
Finally got a wardrobe too

  After a LONG search I also finally found the perfect size and look of a wardrobe online 1 week before my mother's arrival. You wouldn't believe it, but I found this at BIG LOTS
Sauder Storage Amroire from Big Lots for $179!
 The dark espresso color was just what I was looking for. It has great storage inside and like I said, the size is perfect for this small alcove here. My hubs assembled it and it was not easy, I guess that was the only downside to this thing, but even he couldn't go against agreeing with me on this perfect choice.

also spruced up the desk area

I also fixed this area up already, adding decorative trays and containers for all my mom's things and putting personal photos of our family and her grandkids so she won't be too homesick while she's with us.

Everything looks better on trays. :-)
I also found the perfect Side table on the left side of the bed too!

Pure White Nolita Tall 2-Drawer Nightstand for $123

I really love the way it looks and the price I think is pretty reasonable. I plan to change the knobs someday to give it more personality. But I love it's clean lines and the height is perfect.

Now, the one detail I haven't been able to tackle yet and it is the side table on the right side.

Very narrow space

As you can see I had to put the shelf on it's side  since putting it on it's usual position as before would make opening the closet door impossible.

I ordered a small tall table for this but it didn't work out and had to return it. I need a very narrow tall table here and I think I may have found one that needs tweaking... that is, if I have time after the baby comes, so this will do for now, my mom says it doesn't bother her at all.

That's all for now folks! 
Wish me luck and say a prayer for the baby & me tomorrow!

Also, if you wanna see the BEFORE & AFTER, here is the LINK!

Love you all!

Have  A Wonderful Weekend, I know We Will!!!!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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