My Oldest son Nio, goes to Catholic school.
And every year the school does different fund-raisers to subsidize the school funds for all sorts of activities, updates and just the daily grind of running a private school.

This year, I decided to join the Mardi Gras Committee. And with a fund-raiser like Mardi Gras, there's always a lot of work to be done  for all the different booths for the carnival. 

One of the booths is a Doll Raffle Booth - I gladly obliged to help this area although honestly, I really wasn't sure what I could do to help until they gave me this box...

Not much to work with- a few scraps of fabric, some beads and flowers and of course, the dolls
The leader of this group just told me to dress up these dolls like Princesses and make them look more attractive than their current state. I was up for the challenge, even though I never worked with dolls before, and so here they are…

Ta-da! All dressed up and ready to raffle!

Ok, you don't think I won't brag about each and everyone right? After all, they were all a 'labor of love'… and glue gun ( you know I can't sew!)!

Not the prettiest I suppose but my favorite since she was the first!
I added glitter glue on her sash, flower and hair cut up a bead strand for earring and sequence head dress. I also put rhinestones for her ring and bracelet.

Difficult fabric to work with, I think it's an upholstery fabric, but still turned out pretty I think.
Made the hat from an empty ribbon spool!

Another difficult fabric to work with, very stiff, but still with draping and the ruffles, I think she turned out pretty too.
I added a left over ruffle for her head dress.

I think she looks so modern and simple I only accented her with a ribbon hat and red flower.

Love how the purple fushcia ribbon added to the ends of the fabric made the white stand out.

This is flannel fabric I actually bought at Joann's clearance for $1.50 for 1/2 yard. I love the fish scale pattern and mixed with the greys, pastel elegance!

The 2nd brown fabric I had to work with, I added glitter glue to the dots for some bling and gave her lots of ribbons

The 2nd white fabric but this time I used blue ribbon as accent and shawl

I love the ribbon when  properly cut eventually looked like a crown. I also bought that black tulle with glitters from Joann's clearance for $1.50.

Fuschia and black looks so elegant combined, I added rhinestones on her neck too!
I really enjoyed making these and never realized how fun it was to drape and mix fabrics up on these little models. I hope they sell well during the Mardi Gras!

Which one is your favorite?

Have a Great Weekend! 



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