Can you guess how much I paid for all these (except the orange tray)?

4 Michael Graves Fluted Storage Jars, 4 Lacquered trays, 2 sets of suit hangers...

and these 7 party items from Martha...
If you guessed $12, then your right!!!!

Everything was on CLEARANCE and the store had additional 40% and I had additonal 15% off from SHOPKICK

This App
I love this App and check it all the time to see if I have extra coupons and discounts that I could use while I'm at a particular store! Plus, I get "kicks" or points every time I enter  a partner store (like TARGET or JC Penney), and you get to choose your reward after you accumulate certain amount of points!!! You can get extra "kicks" too by scanning particular items in the store as well.

So far, I've earned $20 worth of gift card from TARGET!

Anyway, Yes, I paid $12 for 4 lacquer trays, 4 Michael Graves jars & 2 sets of wooden suit hangers, 5 sets of Martha Stewart Party stuff!

As for the orange faux-leather tray, I originally ordered it online and cost me around $39. However, while at the store, I saw it on clearance and with all my discounts I ended up paying $8 for it!!!

I truly love it on my coffee table right now
After having a blast at JC Penney, I went to TJ Maxx and scored this..

Gold & Stainless steel Ice Bucket $7.50 clearance
Also grabbed me 2 of these ...

Paper whites are never out of season for me for $2 from Walmart
Here they are with my orchids by the sink!

I couldn't help but show off my small kitchen garden. It's atypical since it's not of herbs, but since I have a 'black thumb' bulbs and orchids are the only one that survive in my house.

Anyway, how about you, any crazy bargains lately?

Lastly, hope you can join these fabulous ladies every last Friday of the month…

Absolutely adore all four and am so excited with this collaboration! I'm definitely IN!!!!

Have a Fabulous day!


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