HoKay Kampers!!!!!
As my holiday gift to you.....
I am going to let you leave your opinions in the comments section below.
Tell Kris and me which pillows you'd like to see against the bed pillows at the heads of her guest room beds.
To refresh your fading memories.....
here's a shot of the room.
I want a splash of color against the pillows.....
Just a nice small needlepoint, we figured something 16" square, or 16"x 18" 
Off to eBay!
Below are some of the choices facing us.
The discussion is whether or not to go with some whimsy, and do the rabbits, 
or to stay more "pretty" and go with the flowers.
Rest assured.....
your opinions won't matter at all.....
(doesn't mean I don't want them, I have to have something to laugh at while everyone is celebrating Christmas.....)
We will do what we want, take pictures of it.....
and then make you look at them.
I am a gracious blogger.
I am sensitive to the feelings of my readers.
here we go,
let's look at some pillows!!!!!
(I will be cutting off the tassels from some of these, it depends on whether or not they look to TOO, if you know what I mean.....)

First up, the florals.
(this is just like the one above, just upside down in in a different colorway.....)
# 6

Then we found these rabbit ones.
Kris thinks they're funny and quaint.

They remind me of someone reading a newspaper on the pot.
But that's just me, my mind works in lyrical ways.
I like how they are mirror images of each other.
We also need a pillow for the chair I redid.
Kris would like a round one.
Of course she does.....
because there are none like that on eBay, so now I have to make one.
I like to pretend that I am put upon,
taken advantage of,
used and abused....
but I live for this stuff.
Just more crap in a craptastic world!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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