I am finally done with my Craft room! Woohoo!

 I had to jam-pack a crammed 3.6 X 7 feet room/closet!

Here SHE is...

I am pretty happy and proud of this space !

For a 3.3' x 7' room, I say not bad at all!

A space for everything

Where I post my current obsessions

My own personal creative space :-)

I call it a SHE since it is a girlie space, filled with greys and pinks.
I painted the cabinets & one wall VALSPAR in semi-gloss called "Voyage".
The left wall, though not obvious in the picture,  is painted also with VALSPAR in  satin-finish called "Apricot Ice" (it's one of those spring samples Lowes currently has for $2.98 and I used only one - may be FREE if you have HGTV magazine which has a Free sample coupon !).

I'll let you in in my "secret" soon on how I painted this cabinets super fast -  yes, in just one day! No sanding, no de-glossing, basically the "lazy" way!

More details of the space here...

Small collage  using NYTGGA frames from IKEA and old catalog covers from
"Land of Nod"  and quotations from OPRAH magazine!

Glues, pens, and other craft supplies using ledges & organizers from Ikea
Pegboard organization

My other pin board, filled with inspiration, Fabrics and some sewing supplies on top

Laminator and paper stacks

Some more inspirations for me - pics, dollar puzzle from Target, gift tags

Stationaries, swatches, etc..

What lies beneath - Covered up Sterilite plastic bins with Contact paper from TJ Maxx
for more supplies and storage
More inspirations, also my gold Dollar Tree 2 x 3 frames!so cute!
Threshold Labelled Drawer Pulls-
Got the idea  from Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick :-) thanks!!!!

She went from this by the way...

"She" needed some TLC - I added the pegboard and used left-over Masters bedroom paint

Progress? or just plain Mess?!

 This space is a trapezoid-shaped room with this small corner for some storage

A small triangular corner for holiday gift wraps
and gift bags

more organized at this point and easy for me to find things that I need

This is also in the room...

Fortunately, partly covered by the door when it's open
I'll share other little details eventually. But for now, let me end with this...

What's on the door

I think this freebie poster (got it from my laptop case) aptly describes what I try to do in this small space of mine. Hope you have a place to let your creative juices flow too!

Oh, and lastly, I would like to thank all of you dear family, friends and readers because this blog has reached >103K views already!!!! Woohoo! I am in awe for all your support!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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