I hate New Years Eve.
Actually, I hate most holidays......
 I don't like small talk, so I hate parties.
I used to be able to drink, so it made people at parties much more interesting.
Now I can't handle more than a glass of wine, and folks have become very boring....
Parties used to be fun, because not only could I drink!!!!! I could flirt!!!!!
when I was younger, I enjoyed getting dolled up... with makeup... nail polish... big hair and sexy clothes.

I only want to wear sweat pants.
Make up is just one more thing I have to clean off my person, 
before I can hit the hay.
Nail polish isn't an option for someone who paints as much furniture as I do,
 besides, I don't like the fumes and I just don't give a rats behind about my appearance anymore.....
 like I used to.....,
Nail polish isn't a necessity with sweat pants.
And a sweat shirt.
And sneakers,
with big bulky comfy socks.....
if I can't wear clothes that a hooker would don for business on the side of the road, 
what's the point of going out??????

So .....
to all of you out there.....
Happy New Year!!!!!


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