That's right kampers.....the results are in!!!!!
I will show you guys each pillow according to their popularity and how many folks voted for them.
The rabbits won hands down, but a couple of readers felt they were creepy.
It's important to have creepy things in a guest room.....
otherwise the guests won't leave!!!!!
They got 9 votes.
Next in popularity was #3
6 votes for the beds and 1 for the chair.
Then came a tie for third place....
numbers 2, 5, and 7.
Each received 4 votes.

In fourth place we had another tie!!!!!
How exciting is this?????
It's like a horse race!!!!!
Two votes apiece for numbers 1, 4 and 8.

Poor number 6 only got one vote.....
One of you guys noticed that numbers 9 and 5 would make a nice pair.....
I think numbers 2 and oops!!!! (I didn't show you this one,,,,,) would also go together....If I cut off the fringe.
But all this is moot, if Kris chooses the wabbits.
Here's a side by side with the room and the pillows...
First the wabbits.
Next a soft look.
Last is the red border.
I like the red border ones.
Kris likes the rabbits, because she is a Liberian, and she uses glasses when she reads, and the rabbit is wearing glasses while reading to little chickees, so she likes it.....
Tomorrow I hope we can get together at her house and decide this very important decision.....
I'll keep you posted.
Destiny is ours!!!!!
(What ever the hell that means.....)
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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