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First project of 2013 was making something out of almost nothin'!
Click here to read how to create a vintage print from the internet and a custom looking frame and mat.
Then, I did a piano bench for Miriam and Ross.
Click here, here and here to see how to paint, add an upholstered top and make a small slipcover for the damn thing!!!!!
Then I painted an old metal magazine rack/table for them.
Click here !!
I made a needlepoint pillow for Connie
(click here to see)
I painted another table for Miriam and Ross....
(click here)
(click here.....)
Then I painted a coffee table, making the top look like stone!!!
(if you want, click here, otherwise.....don't)
I painted a lattice pattern on the top of a chest of drawers.
I showed you guys the first piece of furniture I painted, before I discovered Chalk Paint.
(click hereeeeee..)
Then I undertook redoing a chair, it almost did me in.
Here are all the phases.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
Then I started getting into some sewing.
I made a coverlet for Kris.
click here and here.
Then it was time to sew the pillow shams.
click here and here.....
Then I sewed living room draperies for Miriam and Ross.
click here....
Next, I attacked a pair of chairs for them, and made slipcovers.
Click here and to see how to sew
For next to Miriam and Ross's sofa I painted a little table and showed you guys how to get a layered paint finish.
Click here already....
I reupholstered some chairs and showed you how to do it to get a cushier seat.
click here.
I showed you how I created a Gustavian finish.
And lastly.....
I nearly lost my mind sewing this duvet cover with a million buttons.
So that's the recap of 2013.
I did a lot more than I realized.
I wonder what my mental health would have been like if I hadn't found these projects?????
That's a scary thought.
On that note,
Have a Happy New Year and may the next one be really really good!!!!!
Latah, Gatah


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