Before I get started on today's post, 
let me share with you guys what just happened.
I was sitting at my computer, happily editing the photos for today's blog, when the phone rang.
It's an old phone....
No caller ID.....
so I answered it's summons, 
whereupon a strongly accented Indian voice said he was calling from the 
"US Medical Department"
And started asking me about a recent procedure I had had.
I sweetly.......
explained to him that I was having trouble understanding him, and could he repeat what he had just said.
Where upon he again asked me if I had recently had an "operation".
I was highly suspicious, as I had had a procedure, but no operation.
Besides, anyone with legitimate access to my records would know that.
I asked him what the "US Medical Department" was, as I had never heard of it.
(my father, two brothers and sister are all doctors.)
Where upon he said "Don't you live in the US?"
I was feeling more and more suspicious.
I asked to speak to his supervisor, as I was having trouble understanding him.
He told me he was the supervisor.
I again asked him to explain to me what the US Medical Department was, where upon he told me to
 "Go to hell."
I answered....
"Well, I understood THAT!"
But by now he had hung up on me.
I called the hospital and told them that their records had been hacked.
I'll let them deal with it.
If these people call me again, I'll sick my father on them.

In retrospect.....
I love talking about my aches and pains.....
and this guy had called me out of the blue, and was willing to listen!!!!!
Everyone else just tunes me out......
back to decoratin'......

In Chris and Connie's Vermont home, they need a lot of guestrooms as they have a lot of chillin's and granchillin's.
On the second floor off the hall sitting room
 (pic's to come in the future....) 
are two guest rooms, a pink one and a green one.
Today, since this post is titled, "Bold Green Color for a Guest Room", I will show off the green one.
Once again, we used twin beds for the flexibility that they provide in the guest department.
Connie had found the quilts (which I love) and we styled the room around them.
I don't remember where I got the beds, but we were going for a cottage vibe.
The crisp green of the walls acts as a good foil for the white shape of the headboards.
I had some furn prints framed and then I hung them all over the walls.
This repeated the white against the green theme I used throughout the space.
Since the beds were tucked under the eve line of the roof, I had a double swing arm lamp hung on the wall which gave light to both beds.
I found a gingham check that I had made into dust ruffles which I edged with white rick rack trim.
In my last post, Mimi asked how the bedskirts are made, as no white shows at the top, like ready made bedskirts are wont to do.
The way to make a nice custom bedskirt is to add 4 to 6 inches of the fabric to the deck's perimeter, this way you don't see anything but the bedskirt fabric if the mattress slips.

For the floor of this bedroom, I found a wonderful sisal with a woven green diamond pattern.
Between the beds, I placed a white Fiddlehead end table from Main Cottage Furniture.
I was choosing furniture with interesting shapes that would stand out against the green of the walls.

For just a touch of accent pattern, I had toss pillows made that were whimsical and fun, for any grand children visiting the old folks.
Just a touch more color for the beds.
A simple green and white room for weekend company.

It's snowing here in Massachusetts.
I get to do more complaining!!!!!
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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