We"re slowly finishing up Kris's guest bedroom.
Last post I showed you guys the duvet covers I made.
This post I will show you the bedding, including the bedskirts!!!!!
You is sooooo lucky!!!!!
We still need to find toss pillows for the heads of the beds, and Kris needs to buy nice new puffy pillows.....
but the rest of the bedding is finally done.
The duvet covers add a nice soft touch at the foot of the beds.

The dust ruffle fabric was the same one that I used for the window treatments.
I had flat ones made with simple inverted pleats at the corners and in the middle.
Kris doesn't like a lot of what she calls "froofy" stuff, so no gathered dust ruffles for her!!!!!
The dust ruffles were a challenge, as the beds were different, and each one  had to have a little template made for the part that went over the side rails.
The workroom I use, Drape It, did a stellar job.
The trick to holding a dust ruffle in place is these little corkscrew twist pins that sewing stores sell.
We use lots of them to hold the bed shirt in place.
You just push one in a little, to get it started, and then screw it into place.
Sometimes, a custom bedskirt ends up a little shorter than the workroom wants.......
(it happens to the best of them.....)
Drape It, in all their brilliance....adds a little fabric insurance to the top deck of their dust ruffles.
They sew in a fold of fabric, that can be opened up if more is needed.
In my case, the length was perfect.
I wanted them somewhat short, as I like that look with iron antique beds.

For the sheets, blankets and coverlets.....
we went for a cream on cream texture story.
The sheets are smooth, the blanket is a little nubby and the coverlet is matelasse.
Kris found the blankets, and fell in love.
They are by Brahms Mount, and called Starry Night.
here's a shot with the texture of the duvet covers, too.....
Here's a side by side, to see the difference adding the duvets made!!!!!
We are going to be adding more art to the wall shown above.
Big surprise.
I can't just do one painting on a wall.
I just can't.....
Kris recently purchased another little portrait of a girl, which we hung in place of the floral.
I will use the little floral on the other wall.
We just keep trying different things between the beds.
We started with the needlepoint.
So many walls.....
So much crap.....
So little time.....

So, we still are getting the lampshade for the chest of drawers.
Kris wanted a nicer one than the one from Home Goods.
I've corrupted her.
I've exposed her to the decadent life of custom lampshades.
the one below is being replaced.
I will take you guys behind the scenes to show you what goes into making a custom lampshade!!!
It's haute couture for lamps!!!!!

We still need to choose accent pillows for the beds.
Next post, I will be showing you options, and we will want to hear you opinion.
Here's your chance!!!!!
You'll be able to leave you opinion without me biting your head off!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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