here I am back up in good old Massachusetts.
I woke up this morning with some crappy white stuff on the ground.
Being from Flerida, I was a leetle big confused......
It's so good to be back where it's cold and grey and gets dark at 3:45!!!!
I'm going back down in January though!!!!!
I have a photo shoot at the end of that month.
Harris publications wants to shoot my Florida home.
I wasn't familiar with their magazines, so I Googled them.
They do cottage magazines that are sold on news stands.
this year both my houses will be shot with stories talking about my blog.
Photo shoots are one of those things that are tense and boring all at the same time.
something always gets broken.

Another reason I need to be back in Flerida.....
I need to redo the landscaping alongside my house.
I mentioned this in my last post.
I had this stuff planted 9 years ago.
This is how big the plants have gotten!!!!!
Here's a shot showing the height better.....
This is what these plants looked like when I was first having them installed.
I was sooooo excited when they brought in the fishtails in their pots!!!!
I hadn't redone the pools and pavers yet.
The previous owners had a problem with
 design and style and taste and scale.......
This is what it looked like before I got started, just a hedge.
Here they are, newly planted....
I wanted to screen the house that is right next to me.
Then the next year.....
They were really starting to do the job that I had signed them up for!!!!!
and then.....
They started to get leggy.
This shot is after I removed the spa and replaced it with a planter, redid the pool water line tiles and had brick pavers put down,
Now they are so tall they tower over the two story house next door.
The trunks are ugly and ginormous.
I still love the lushness of some of it......
We are going to remove the fishtail palms
(This is an image of a fishtail palm)
 and leave the arecas palms.
(This is a picture of an areca palm....)
I need to have the big ones cut down and have the root balls dug out.
Thank goodness there are men you can pay to do this,
the thought of all that sweat and grunting is more than I can bare,
 let alone actually doing it.
My idea of gardening is pointing to what I want done,
 and going to the nursery and getting to ride around in a golf cart saying things like.....
"I want me some of dose!!!!!"
I plan on having this done in January, so I will keep you guys abreast of my endeavors,
Anybody want to lend me some money?????

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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