Before I attack the new year with more decorating and project stories.....
I have one more silly, pointless, self indulgent post to get out of my fingers and onto my computer screen.
I am the youngest of five.
My brother Peter (Petey!!!) is the oldest.
Even though he's close to 70.....(9 months and counting.....), and I'll never see 60 again.....(2 years and mourning.....), our relationship hasn't changed since the fabulous day of my birth.
Here's a little clip from YouTube  to explain our relationship!!!!!

I recently had a half birthday.
When we were little, we would get excited on our half birthdays.
We didn't get any presents, so don't ask me why, but in our tiny little hearts we felt it was a day that was special.
Maybe it just meant that we were 6 months closer to getting some good stuff!!!!!
I haven't thought about them in years, but the other day, I realized it was my half birthday.
The weird thing was that my big bro realized it too, and being the sensitive, loving brother that he is.....
(oy, oy, oy, oy.....)
he got me a birthday card.
being the mature growed up man that he is.....
he wanted me to share it with the class!!!!!

before I do, let me just give you a little background as to who this guy is.
To all outward appearances, he is a mature, upstanding man of the community.
About to be a grandfather!!!!!
He's a respected doctor.
(an ophthalmologist)
(I get my eyes examined by another doctor in his practice.)
(I like to sit outside his examining room, talking to his patients, telling them he makes them take their clothes off for the examination.....)
(after they looked a little shocked and perturbed....I admit that I'm his sister....)
(O.K., I tell them this first, they know I'm kidding....sheesh!)

My bro still rides his bike!!!!!
He regularly goes on 30 mile bike rides.
He often bikes over to visit my folks who live next door to me.
I am smart.
I keep both feet on the ground, 
unless I am on the sofa, then I put them up on an ottoman.
He can be very silly.
I bet him that he wouldn't walk around the pond where I live wearing a straw hat with a flower in it's silk ribbon band.
It was the hat I wore to my niece, Miriam's wedding.
Not only did he do it, but every time he needed a hat after that, he would use this one.
(I reworked his face to protect his family from humiliation...)
The man is just silly.
My neighbors give my family a wide berth.....
(Not really.....craziness seems to attract people! Go figure!)
Now you know where I get it.......
back to my half birthday card.
Oh no!!!!!!!
There must be some kind of a copyright program on the card.
I can't upload the scanned image!!!!!
then I tried to take a picture of the inside and outside of the card, but I can't upload the pictures either!!!!!!!
 I wonder how they do that?????
What a great copyright program......
since the point of this post was to show you the card......
(my brother keeps asking if I've written the blog yet, about the card he bought me.....)
I will describe it to you.
You can get it from
The card shows a couple of old biddies playing cards.
The first one says to the second...
"I'm thinking of piercing my belly button."
The second one responds.....

Then inside the card shows the same picture, of them playing cards.....
and the first one says.....
"That way I can put a hook in it to hold up my bra."
Then the card reads.....Have an uplifting birthday.
With my brother adding in....
I don't know why, but this made me think of you.

Now look people!!!!!
I had a reduction 6 or 7 years ago....
My fun bags don't hang down to my knees anymore.
Besides, my belly button is hanging pretty low these days......

Aren't you glad you're reading this?????
You could be out there somewhere fixing world hunger, but no, you'er reading this stoopid blog.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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