I've actually been blogging for more than 2 years now.

But only recently have my blog truly blossomed because of such wonderful blogger friends like you!

So to celebrate this wonderful season, let me share you my the Christmas Trees of my past and how my style has evolved  and somewhat, remained the same, thru the years!

Let's start, shall we?!

This was our second tree actually, our first, which is still around, is a small 3 foot tree.
Both from Walmart, both, I probably will never part with.

As you can see, this tree is decorated with Dollar Store snowflakes in different sizes, icicles and lots of tinsel!

In 2007, I added the red & white glass balls for the tree.

In 2008, garlands I got on clearance from Crate & Barrel the year before was added along with some Red Glitter snowflakes from Target I also got in 2007!

2009 came the Dollar Store gold glittered reindeers I still use today!
I also added lots of left-over mardi gras beads and candy canes also from the Dollar Store.

In 2010, we moved to Carbondale Illinois where we rented this nice home and spent also a wonderful Christmas there. Here was our tree,  with all the ornaments you saw the past 3 years plus some additional giant Snowflakes I scored from Macy's the year before.

2011 marked the year of ribbons and mesh!
I did not bring out all ornaments but instead brought out all the blue, red and silver ornaments I bought the year before from Walmart.
This Patriotic colored tree was also the first one I shared on my blog  & the first one with a topper!

Last year, I showed you my Golden Christmas tree with all the Capiz ornaments I got from our visit to the Philippines as well as natural fiber mesh.

And of course, you already know how this one came about.

It's so nice to look back at where I started with everything.
Nothing much has changed really, I'm still a bargain shopper , still using the same tree as before and my 2 favorite stores for Christmas decoration shopping are still my faves, I just added a few other stores where I make my rounds at when I can!

I must say I don't have a favorite among these because truly, I LOVE THEM ALL.
Poured my heart out into decorating each one and I am proud of them all, as should everyone who decorates their tree for or with their family!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!!


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