Can't believe we're almost halfway into the  ORC series! Hew!
One thing for sure, being in this series has motivated me to forge on (because otherwise this room would still be in the same state as it was last week for the next month or so!)!;-)

Anyway, this week, we added the lighting on the dormer space....

It's from Menards, very affordable but I think pretty enough for a boys space. Love that the brown ties in with the furniture in the big room. I placed the wall sconces a little bit higher because I want a higher bench to overlook the window. It's nice to read while you see the outside right?

I also did one of my fave DIY's on the book shelves!

Got Wrapper From TJ Maxx

So I thought, why not here as well!

The Bookshelves are both from the 'RE line' from TARGET which has been there already in his room before, just needed to spruce it up more with this.

Also wanted to show you what a big impact the Navy in this room has been.



We are really very happy with the color!
Cool, peaceful and according to my son, 'Musculine'!!!

That's it for now. We're working on the built-in bench and on trying to organize the walls, hopefully, I can be done and show it next week!!!

If you want to see what I did last week, CLICK HERE or the inspiration for the space, CLICK HERE.

Now let's go on and check on the other's progress in their rooms!

Have a Great day!


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