Since you probably saw our Halloween Dining Room already, you may have noticed these on the background...

Green and ghoulish goodness

I got the inspiration from my Halloween Guru, Martha Stewart with her
Petrifying Potion Display

Martha's Version

I wanted to have a "Witches Dining Room" so I thought this would be perfect and easy to pull off.

I used Lime green food Color in varying amounts for each jar ($1.75 at Hobby Lobby) and bought Lotus pods and 2 other faux flowers to put in my jar. All were on sale and I spent less than 10 dollars for all. The jars were mine of course, bought years ago from TJ Maxx.

Night time view

Day time view

Lotus pods look the most eery
I'm pretty happy with it and totally completes the whole space. 

How about you, are you ready for this ghoulish holiday?

Happy Decorating!



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