It's Halloween week and since I'm not sure you all saw my guest post over at LIVING SAVVY , let me share  this with you!

WARNING: I do go crazy decorating during Halloween, but most of this 'craziness' is mainly in our Dining Room, the  rest of the house has only 'subtle' touches here and there. :-)

Here is our Living Room...

Simple pillow switch does the trick
Coffee table
As you can see I  just added a web-inspired black runner underneath my usual coffee table vignette. Switched ups some of my usual brass with this huge ceramic pumpkin and acorn (scored from TJ Maxx years ago), and added my Alexander McQueen Coffee table book and I'm set!

Media Center
The key to decorating for Halloween I think is removing all that is cheery and bright and switching them up with your usual Halloween stuff or at least "Halloween colors". 
Here, I removed most of the family photos, added pumpkins and small ghost candle holders from Walmart and switched up the art to something more dark, and it's set!

Console table
For this area, just placed my black and white Missoni for Target vases, added some glitter skulls & Penguin books, and done!

Scored this guys from last year and the Penguin books are from my collection - just brought out "Dracula" and "Dorian Gray" - perfect for Halloween!

These spiders were from Target last year, left-over from my son's Halloween birthday party, thought they looked cool hugging the posts. :-)

Here I just added the runner, made a lighting switcheroo  by moving my usual floor lamp to the entry and placed my Goodwill Threshold Lamp score. I think the black shade is perfect! I  added some crows  to my grape wood and  my black accessories, and VIOLA! Halloween-ready! Take note of that small rubber snake I added to my boxwood and the rat cut-outs on the stairs.

Here's another glimpse of my 'craziness' for Halloween...

Witches Dining Room

Remember, you don't have to be ALL OUT to enjoy this fun Holiday, little doses of Halloween goodness can go a long way. Just make sure to keep an open mind, and have LOTS OF CANDY!

Hoping for a  Fun and Safe Halloween for you and your family!

Also, I would like to greet my son a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!


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