We have been busy bees working on our son's room for the ORC!
I bet by now, all of you are pretty familiar with this awesome link party hosted by Linda from "Calling It Home".

We have been mostly doing a lot of  building and painting!

First, we got into building the bench for the Reading nook dormer...

Yup, we used Laundry cabinets!
We used laundry cabinets for the front since it was the perfect height for this space and it already came with 2 rows of shelves on the inside for books!

Building it in
 My handy-man a.k.a husband, worked his 'magic' and made it to look like this.

This is what it looks like from the top without the seat and how he attached it the walls.
It's pretty sturdy and he only used  one each of the 2' x 6' and 4"x 4" wood.
The Laundry cabinet cost us $89.99 + wood  put us about $110.
And here it is now with the foam seat we added!

Can't believe we built this thing!
We basically used a 3 inch foam, spray-glued batting and stapled this beautiful Navy & White striped Robert Allen Fabric onto the wooden seat! The wooden seat is made up of solid pine and very thick so no worries about staples cutting our boy's booty!

The best part was that all our materials for the foam seat were all 50% off at Joann's! So over all, this built-in bench cost us $178!!!!

I am also updating this...

Mid-century style dresser
It's a Salvation Army dresser I scored years ago for $5. It's in great shape except for a lot of deep scratches on the side and it was from "Marshall Fields" furniture line. For those not familiar with MF, it was a Chicago Store, bought out by Macy's in 2006(I think).

The dresser once 'lived' in my younger son's bedroom but he got a new white IKEA Malm dresser, so I thought it would make a great DIY furniture update project for me.

I am also hacking the IKEA Lack for one of the side tables...

Parsons-like LACK table from IKEA
I'll show you what it both  looks like next week and also the some of the other decorative updates I did for the space!

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Now, let's go check on the others' progress!

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