OK Kampers....
let's go back to my buddy Kris's guest room.
As you know, we ain't done!!!!!
I will come back to Miriam and Ross's living room, but I bounce around between rooms and projects and ideas......
We left off in Kris's guest room, thinking that we would 
show a little constraint in hanging things on the walls.
We really tried.
We really really really really really did!!!!!
But we are creatures of crappola!!!!!
Yes we be!!!!!
This is how the room looked when last I showed it to you.
We hung just three things over the chest of drawers....
JUST 3!!!

After we hung the mirror in Kris's master bedroom, and we saw the impact it had on the room.....
 I suggested that we hang a mirror over the guest room chest.
Kris, being the fast learner that she is.....
immediately flew to eBay, and started looking for plates to hang around a mirror, so I could do a similar treatment in the guest room.
She found these....

They are old ironstone plates by Mason's, one of my favorite plate makers.
(china makers???? pottery makers????? stuff makers?????)
many years ago.....(8 or 9)....we had bought a mirror for our antique bidness.
When we moved our operation to the Boston Design Center, it somehow ended up in my house.......
It wasn't fine enough for the Design Center, but I loved it too much to get rid of it.
I hung it at the bottom of my hall stairs.
It didn't make any sense there.....
it looked sorta silly.....
But I couldn't find it in my heart to get rid of it.

the years go by, and now Kris needs a mirror.
And this is the perfect style for her guest room!!!!!
So I gave it to her.
And now I can hang something more appropriate on my staircase.

I hung it for her in her guest room.....
And then I hung six plates around it....
The mirror is from the 1920's and has some wonderful etching.
Since we took down the three paintings hanging over the chest, I now had more stuff to play with!!!!
I did what any self respecting krapptanista would do, and hung the little water color over the portrait of the girl.
The room is starting to have more oomph.
I love what just this little water color does for this view.
Here's another of my fabulouso side by sides.
The plates are more subtle than the floral paintings....
But I like the height of the mirror. 
I still need to make a pillow for the chair.
And we need accessories for the top of the chest.
There's a very good chance that more stuff will be hung on the walls, knowing Kris and me.....
We just have to find the perfect stuff.
But the hunt is what's so much fun!!!!!
And this isn't costing me nuthin' 'cuz it's Kris's house!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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