I'm so excited to Linda's "One Room Challenge" Link Party!
So excited, because I know that this will motivate me further in doing our son's bedroom since we just finished a very tiring but fulfilling Kitchen Renovation.

Anyway, for this project, I'm not going to say much because the pictures will do all the talking on what needs to be done for this project...

Back Wall and Left wall

Left wall

Right Wall

Right wall with New Dormer
It is a huge room - a bonus room in fact that sits on top of our garage. So We have huge blank walls to fill and floor space as well.

And as if we don't have 'enough space'. We also added this  Dormer (for safety reasons, no windows in this room just skylights), I did not show you yet what it looked like inside. 

A lot bigger than what we anticipated

Flooring was not included in the contract...

No lighting

Definitely need some seating

And here are some of my inspirations as to what kind of 'vibe' I ( & of course my son too) want for the space...

Like the overall 'feel' of this space

Love the wood tones and how this room can grown with any age
Love the colors in this room

Tween Boys Bedroom by Sarah Richardson

And here's what I need to do :

1) carve out a sleeping area, study area, lounging/gaming area
2) make the Dormer a reading nook! 3)
 Paint the room, add some interesting detail on the wall
4) Add lighting to the dormer area
5) Purge & Organize 
6) Find suitable Side tables
7) Place flooring on the dormer
8) Find or build seating for the reading nook in the dormer 
9) Please the young man who's gonna be the owner of this space!

And after all these, I think the room will be ready for our young man!

Be sure to check out all the other ORC particpants progres and Wish us luck!!!!

 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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