It's been a busy week but we're happy to accomplish a lot.

First, we painted...

White & bright

We painted the walls "Nude" color by BEHR paint in eggshell finish.  The back wall was painted "Peaceful Night" from  BEHR as well ( I think perfect for this bedroom). I also added some interest on the left and right wall...

Yup, taped up me up some stripes!
Used the same 'Peaceful night' paint from Behr
And of course I used FROG TAPE for my stripes.
I've had experience using other brand of tape before, but after I used Frog tape in my bedroom wall stripes, I knew, there was no other tape I'd use for the lines all over my son's room.

I love stripes, and since I did not like to go all bear white, I added this!

I think it looks great for this teen boys room!

Reminds us also of their first bedroom ever, back when we were in our first home in Chicago...


Also, we ( I mean my husband) finished the flooring on the Dormer space!

Isn't my hubs awesome?! He did this all by himself!
We basically ordered these striped "FLOR-like" carpet tiles from Eurotiles at "HomeDepot".
I originally wanted to get these FLOR tiles below...

But the cost? $300!!!!
The Eurotile cost  us only $99 with some extras - We just bought Carpet glue, used exacto knife and VIOLA! We now have nice flooring for this nook!

Glimpse of the paint treatment I placed here too!

It's a mmix of blues and brown - perfect for the space

On a side note, today is also my Hubby's birthday!!!!!

With My Best Friend and One True Love

I always address him this way whenever I greet him since it's definitely true! 
Life can't get any better than this babe!
I love you forever Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!!!

I'm still doing a lot of painting, this time furniture to use as one of the side tables. Still on the hunt for the other one, might have to actually make one in the end!

Next week, I'll share some easy DIY's we did for the space!

Have a Great Day!


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