I love my new sink area.

All glammed up and ready

However, real life happens and this is how it has been looking like...

As you can see, I need some organization here.
My cleaning supplies are supposed to be stored under the sink. 
However, I don't want to keep bending down when I get them every time I want to clean. It's not good for any back. ;-)
 And I didn't want to store them in the upper cabinets because it is where all the dish ware is at.

A cool pull out drawer for sponges
 And although my sponge has a designated space. I did not end up storing it there because I want it to air dry and I did not want the cabinet door getting wet all the time so I placed my dish brush here instead.

The bar handle serves fine for my hand towel, but to me, not visually pleasing. 

So one day, I eventually got things organized using this...

A Glass Bath shelf with towel rack

I also placed my sponge on one of my milk glass basket. It's perfect because of the narrow base, water drips there and my sponge dries faster!

And here's what the shelf looks like after my hubs attached it to the wall...

Much better

Now I have a place for my hand towel and gloves!

 I also decanted my usual cleaners into different J.R. Watkins Universal Cleaner containers to make it look prettier!

Added the proper labels for each

Now, my sink area is not only pretty, but organized too!

How about you, any tips on organizing for this area?

Happy Organizing!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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