I've been playing around with my painted finishes for the past couple of years.
I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.
I wanted the look of layers of paint, naturally worn down over time.
this is how I did it.

But wait, let me show you the whole project I did on this little table that I reinvented for Miriam and Ross's living room.

I had decided to give them a little bench I had hanging around down in my basement.
I brought it over to their house to try out in the living room, and decided it was the perfect size to go next to their sectional.
I figured that it would be a simple little project.
Nothing is ever simple!!!!!
I planned on stripping the cover off the top, and transforming it from a bench into a table.
 I figured it would be easy to strip the fabric off the top.

 I figured that there was only one layer of fabric that had been added after the original design, and that this had once been a table.
 I figured I could get the fabric off in 5 minutes.
I figured wrong.
This seems to be a theme with me.
First, I took the top off the hinges.
Then I used my trusty stripping tools to remove the tapestry fabric.
There was another layer under the tapestry, and this one was put on professionally with a lot of tacks.
It was probably original to the piece, from the Victorian era. 
I'm guessing the late 1800's.
I took a picture of all the stuffing from inside the cushioned top.
It was straw.
It was dusty.
It was disgusting......
I had figured that the top had originally been a table, and would be a nice piece of wood.
I am wrong so often.
Poor Betsy.

All the tacks left the sides of the top a mess.

There's a fun little compartment under the hinged top that will be a great place for Miriam and Ross to store their remote controls.
I placed the top back on the base, just to get a sense of what it would look like if I ever finished this project.
Then I carried the top down to my basement painting studio, and prepared it for the paint.
I filled the holes on the sides with wood filler.
This stuff is great, and so easy to work with.

Then I sanded the wood filler down.

Then I mixed together the first application of paint.
I combined Annie Sloan Coco and Olive.
I gave the top one coat.
Once it dried, I wondered if I should just keep it that way.....
I wanted more of an effect.
So, then I decided to start layering on the color.
The next color I wanted was a purple, so I got out more paint to mix it up. 
 I first mixed the red with the blue.....
it was a little dark....
 so I added in some white....
 it was a little pink....
so then I added in more blue!!!!!
 I drybrushed the purple over the green.
 Then I dry brushed some blue over the purple, and rubbed it in some places with a paper towel.
 Then I drybrushed some Chateau Grey over the blue and purple and green.....

 Then I waxed it and then dark waxed it.
 Then I distressed it with fine and coarse sandpaper.
You can't tell in these pictures, but all the colors show through in subtle layers. 
I set my camera different!!!!!
Is this better?????
Once I sanded the edges, the light wood showed through, so I added a little dark wax to the raw wood.....

Then I used Walnut Briwax on the wooden base to darken the orange of the original finish, and give it a little more pizzazz.
Here's a side by side!!!
now all I need to do is bring this back to Miriam and Ross to put next to their sectional.
Those kids are soooooo lucky!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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