Well Kampers....
I'm back down in Flerida for the week.
Harris publications is doing a photo shoot of my little home down heah this Thursday,
 so I hauled my old saggy butt back to the south.
I'll let you know which magazine it'll be in, when they decide.

When I went to write about the pillows Kris and I had chosen for her guest room.
You know.............
do the big reveal!!!!!
I realized that I hadn't downloaded the pictures from my camera to my computer.....
So, you guys will just have to wait until next week when I am back up in Massafrigin' cold chusettes.

today I am going to show more of Connie and Chris's Vermont home.
I know, I know,
this house just keeps on having rooms to show you guys!!!!!
Connie wanted to do a pretty girly pink room for a guest room.
We found an absolutely stunning print.
I know, I know,
can you believe it's not cabbage roses?????
we designed the room around it.
I had the headboard, draperies and pillow covered in it with a hot pink contrast welting detail.
The room was first painted yellow, but it didn't feel cozy enough, so we added the wallpaper.
If I had my way.....
I'd wallpaper the entire world!!!!!
For the table next to the bed.....
we didn't find an old one that worked so Connie threw that pretty yellow throw over what she had.

We found a pink oil lamp at a local Vermont antique store, and I had Blanche Field, my lamp workroom, electrify it and make a shade for it.
Since we were going for a simpler country look, Connie didn't want sewn fabric shades, so we did a linen on paper instead, with a pink rope trim at the top and bottom.
We found a wonderful little antique chair that I had my slip cover lady rework.
It's covered in a Brunschwig cotton taffeta with contrasting yellow welting and ties.
(The taffeta may have been silk, it's so long ago I can't remember.....this is over 10 years people, my mind can't hold onto info that long.....)

I could have sworn that there were some tulips in the print fabric.....
I mean,
we did a tulip theme in this room with the prints that we chose for the walls......
Connie keeps fresh tulips by the bed.....
those may be fake, I can't tell.....

I'm going to stop now, I'm tired as my flight was held on the tarmac for 2.5 hours before we were able to take off yesterday.
I had animal crackers for dinner, since we were still on the plane when it was time to eat.
Luckily I had my trusty iPad with me.
I had loaded it with three movies, a great book and fun jigsaw puzzles, so I didn't need to drive the guy sitting next to me crazy.
And there was no one in the center seat, so we were able to stretch out.
Livin' Large People, livin' large!!!!!!

On that note,
Later, Gater


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