As always, changing up the decor for the seasons has been part of my decorating routine for our home.

So after the holidays, with a clean slate, I started moving things around and added some of the INDIGO and BLUES I've always loved…

Our Winter Blue Comfort
As you can see, I moved the two wing chairs closer to the window and moved the same table I always use with them too.

I also switched my rug to the more comfortable one.

I borrowed my son's Reading nook pillows to bring in the blue into the sofa. I ordered some blue & white pillowcases but they haven't arrived yet. 

Simple Coffee Table Vignettes
 I used my recent scores from Dillards and JC Penney on my Coffeetable. I wanted to use my crystals and I thought it would be perfect for winter. I also added this small Blue & White ceramic vase I scored at the thrift & two small Michael Grave jars.

Top View 

Comfy sitting area with blue pillows

I added these small blue & white Trinket boxes to bring in the blue into the table as well

Media Center across the sofa also had a slight update

Love the Rock Ball accessory I got on clearance from the Nate Berkus line in TARGET
I also moved the console table to our small hallway.

Two of my finds flank both ends

Remember these? Blue & White Orchid potBlue & White Lamp & Bird Wall art all courtesy of  GOODWILL?!
The Blue & White Geometric tray though is from TARGET
Piano area now flanked by 2 ghost chairs - lucite reminds me of ice, perfect for winter right?
I will share what's on top later on because it needs more emphasis especially the water color painting!

 Our entry got a change as well.

My orchid is just budding at this point

I love this small Blue & White Tray from JC Penney. It says " MEET SUCCESS LIKE A GENTLEMAN, DISASTER LIKE A MAN - WINSTON CHURCHILL"
I placed the ottoman as a side table with the other chair  and placed a tray
for some paperwhites and our telephone

I hope you enjoyed the change-ups. How about you, how often do you change-up your home? Is it by season too or whenever the mood strikes you?

Have a Great Week!



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