Yippee Doodle!!!!!
Kris and I finally found a rug for her master bedroom.
Not only that.....
but we ordered it!!!!!
Not only that.....
but we got it and had it put down on her very own bedroom floor!!!!!
We spent a ton of time looking in catalogs and retail stores, but nothing really peaked our fancy.
I caved, and we went to Stark Carpet.
We found the perfect rug that is a herringbone jute.
For those of you interested, it is called: Chardon, color: Natural.
We chose a dark brown for the border....
Last we reviewed this room, it had looked like this.
The rug just makes it so much cozier!!!!!
we finally got the dust ruffle!!!
I'm the one who put it on the bed with Kris (my lovely assistant's) help.
That's why it's wrinkled.
When Drape It, the workroom that does all  the sewing that I don't want, or don't know how to do..... installs a dust ruffle, they steam it so all the wrinkles come out.
Well, I didn't have my steamer with me....
(and I didn't notice the wrinkles until I looked at the photos.....)
I love the herringbone with the stripes.
Lots of texture and subtle pattern.
Makes my toes curl!!!!
Notice how Drape It worked out the problem of the bed skirt fitting over the antique metal frame.
Kris lives in a very old house, over 100 years and counting.
a queen boxspring wouldn't fit up the stairs.
She had to get one made that was in two pieces.
There is a support under the middle, to keep them from sagging.
It's hidden in the middle of the bed.
I made Scott, (our installer, and the heir apparent of the workroom) keep moving the support until it wouldn't show in the pictures.
It's all about the blog photos!!!

To show you the difference a rug and bed skirt makes in a room.....
here's one of my very famous side by sides.....
Tomorrow we go to pick up the custom lampshades.
How exciting is this #$% anyway?????
Wait....before I go.....here's a before and after of when we started in the room!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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