La La La La La.....
I'm down here in Flerida,
chilling out....
puttering around my house, 
getting things done that needed to be done since I've been away so much.....
takin' it easy, man, just real easy.....
When my buddy Connie calls me and tells me that she's thinking about putting her beach house, that I designed for her on the market.
It's right by the ocean.....
I've shown you guys the whole inside, and it's been in Traditional Home Magazine.
Connie and Chris are thinking it would be a good thing to get a larger home because they have 6 kids between the two of them,
which means a lot of grandkids.
It's also time for them to live more on one floor.
We aren't getting any younger,
Ya know?????
Connie has been looking around at some houses, 
and she found one she liked,
so she put her home on the market,
she and Chris offered on the home Connie found.....
and now they're buying it!!!!
It's still close to the water, but not right where the weather beats the house.
I now have a whopping big project to do down here in Flerida.
Lot's to tell you about.
Lot's to show you guys.
Since I'm retired, I told Connie I would only charge her for doing the stuff that's not fun.
She was my client.
Now we're friends.
I would be doing this anyway.
If she hired another designer, it would just piss me off..........
The way I am going to get paid, is that I can blog my little heart out about it!!!!!
We are just going to tweak it a little to make it more good!!!!!
Not a lot of construction needed.
Just fix a couple of things to make it more our aesthetic.
Let me just give you a little taste of the inside.
These are some of the pictures I took when we went yesterday to look at the house.
Connie couldn't get me in there to see it fast enough.
I am going to do this room very differently.
But I think the ceiling is spectacular.
Here's a peak at the back yard.....
After we looked at the house, and went to lunch, we started looking at new furniture as this house will have a different vibe from the one she lives in now.
today when I woke up, I was so tired I could barely move.
This is why I'm not showing you guys more of the house.
I am too tired to write about it.
I need to rest.
Tomorrow is my magazine photo shoot of my own house down heah in Flerida.
I need to be fresh and cheerful for the photographers.

So that's it for today,
I can't write any more.

Poor Betsy.
On that note,
Later Gater


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