This is actually a re-post of the way I organized my Christmas decorations last year.
But since I pretty much put everything away the same way, I thought it best to share again!

All of us dread the day after New year when we have to drag ourselves to store all the decors we've set up meticulously over the holidays. I am no exception.

As much as I love decorating for Xmas (You've seen how clearly over-the-top I could get..), putting them all back into proper storage is one helluva task! 
Plus, I have a tendency to just dump everything in bins and just "dive in" the next year looking for stuff!

It's not just the manual labor itself, it's also the thought of the holidays being over so far!
 Uuggggh! I know you understand what I'm talkin' about.

So, to make it easier for me next year, I started putting away my decors in a much more organized fashion to make my next year decorating adventure MUCH EASIER....

Let's start off with the ornaments...

I used 2 plastic drawer bins from Sterilite from TARGET ($10.99-17.99) & ziplock bags to organize and categorize some of my ornaments.

Different Snowflakes

Felt trees, Crystal Angels and Glittered greens

Icecles galore

Glittered Reindeers

Sentimental ornaments

Red ornaments
Felt Snowflakes

Blue Ornaments
I also used these red Sterilite Ornament bins from WALMART ($4.95 each)

Capiz stars

Glass Balls and leaves
I mentioned some, since the bigger ornaments went into much larger plastic bins. I use the ones from Target because I like the color. :-)

Like these
I have 2 major storage rooms for these. One is in the basement utility room...

Lanterns hang atop
Shelving for some decors

Xmas boxes filled with more decors

Glittered tree one inside another

Xmas Table linens and party stuff

Xmas pillows and more ornaments

Nutcracker and more ornaments

The other storage I have is in the outside garage.
 My hubby and Dad built it for all my bins three summers ago.

13 total, actually now 15!
 I wanted one color only so I know immediately know what's inside. For Halloween I have orange bins.
Xmas tress atop
For my wreaths, I have these Sterilite boxes..

All bought on clearance of course
For the lights, I recently got these see-thru bins from Home Depot...

4 total so far

I know what you must be thinking - that's A LOT OF CHRISTMAS DECORATION! 
And yes, you are right, but I don't use them all at the same time. 
Since I am gaga over this holiday, I just could not resist beautiful xmas stuff whenever I see them (I know, I NEED HELP!!! :-))!  
But now you know how I change my Xmas decor every year, choosing from any of the stuff that I already have and mixing them up differently. And like most of you, I shop AFTER THE HOLIDAYS, to get the big discounts.

I hope you have some idea how to store yours too! Good luck if you haven't yet!!

Have a great week!!!


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