Now just wait one minute.....
What is going on in front of my house?????
I have turkeys....
I have geese....
I have deer....
I even have coyotes, but those are hard to photograph, because they are gone by the time I grab my camera.
I know I was supposed to talk about Kris's custom lampshades today, 
true to form.....
I am off on another tangent.
I live in the suburbs.
Next to a bunch of conservation land.
Not exactly wild kingdom.
Wildlife has been proliferating all over the New England area, and I have been astonished by the increase around my house.
to entertain me I am going to write about it.....
and show you guys my pictures.
FIRST the weird turkey that decided that the cool thing to do at dusk was hang out on my parents roof, next door to me.

He thinks he's a weather vane!!!!!
Bernice, our next door neighbor, hated when he flew up there because he made her home shake as he walked around on top of the roof.
So, being the nature lover that she is.....
she got out her trusty garden hose and let him have it*.
*note to readers.....Turkey's are trainable!!!!!
I've been writing about the turkeys for a while.
Sharing our problems with the aggressive toms.
But they be purdy!!!!
 Dis guy thinks he all that!
He be struttin'!!!!!
we have around 21 of these animals hanging out every day in the winter.
You know what happens when animals eat?????
They poop!!!!!
That's 21 poopin' turkeys.
for those of you interested.
And for those of you who aren't, I don't care.....
Female turkey poop is shaped in a spiral, and male turkey poop is shaped in a J!!!!!
How do I know this?????
I read about it on the internets!!!!!

Speaking of pooping animals.
Don't even get me started on geese.
This past fall, as the geese migrated towards warmer climes,
they decided that my driveway was a good resting place.
Well I don't agree.
It's for me and my neighbors.
Get off my land!!!!!
Don't they know that this is not water?????
I think that the goose below feels it's floating in a pond.
Go poop somewhere else.
But they be purdy.

What caused me to go on this tirade, 
couple days ago, I was sitting at my computer, writing my blog for the entertainment of the masses,
when out of the corner of my eye I spied movement.
There on my driveway.....
were a bunch of deer.
If you look closely at this picture, you'll see a whole lotta of legs behind the front deer.
 So, I ran and got my camera, and started shooting between the slats of my window shutters. First, I just got a couple.
These guys were acting like they belonged here.
Well, I don't see them paying any condo fees.....
This guy was working her way towards my shrubs.
Getting closer to my rose bushes.
Seeing what's good to eat.
I carefully opened my front storm door for a better view.
"what's that noise???"
Then she spotted me.
Was completely not impressed with my human dangerousness!!!!!
More kept coming.
And more.
By now, I realized, though they were purdy, 
they were liking my shrubs too much.
So, as an animal lover with lots of class.....
I opened my door and yelled at them to 
Walden Pond this ain't.

On a positive note to end this completely pointless blog,
I no longer need to walk around here with an umbrella for protection against the rouge turkey toms.
The Environmental Police Officer seems to have accomplished what he set out to do, and they no longer hang out near my home
So, good bye mister police guy.
That's it for today, Kampers.

Latah, Gatah


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