OK Klass....
It's time to talk about the fact that different people like different styles.
Some folks like a lot of fabric around them, in order to feel relaxed in their bedrooms.
Some folks like a lot of pattern around them, in order to feel cozy in their bedrooms.
Some folks like a lot of color around them, in order to feel at home in their bedrooms.
Some folks don't want any of that, in order to love their bedrooms.

A good designer has to figure out what each client needs for his or her home, 
dictate the same things for each space, disregarding the emotional needs of each client!!!!!
Since I'm a fabulous designer.....
I create different looks for each person, trying....
 (sometimes succeeding)....
 to meet their needs.
This post is in response to some of the comments from the last post.
Don't get me wrong!!!!
I love your comments!!!!!
But that doesn't mean that you guys won't get a rebuttal....
I did Kris's bedroom for Kris.
My assignment was a room that wasn't fussy, was calm in color and was handsome.
 A couple of you guys didn't like the short bedskirt.
Kris didn't want a lot of fabric in the room.
Her hubby has asthma, the draperies were as far as I could go.
She loves the feel of the metal bed and short skirt and hemp rug.
We didn't want a deep pile carpet due to dust.
The room, now reminds her of an upscale field tent camp.
This room makes her feel very serene!!!!!  
To show how I tailor my design depending on the client.....
let me show you a side by side of my bedroom next to her's.
Let me get to the topic of bed skirt lengths.
Some folks only like long bedskirts.
Styles change, looks change, doing something always the same way is boring.....
I tend to like shorter skirts on iron beds.
I don't know why.....
I just do.
It started when I changed my brass bed in my previous home to an iron bed.
I used the same dust ruffle, but the iron bed was higher and the skirt didn't hit the floor.
My first thought was "OH NO!!!!!".
This was years ago, when I was a young designer, just starting out.
My knee jerk reaction was that bed skirts were supposed to go down to the floor.
After living with it for a week.....
I realized that I liked it shorter!!!!!
House Beautiful Magazine
It's now in my upstairs guest room in my condo. 
(as shown in the picture in the collage above....)
This may have been when I first started thinking about what I liked,
 and not what I was supposed to like.
I started to spend more time pouring over European design magazines, as they seemed to show work that was less cookie cutter, more esoteric, eccentric, imaginative.
I decided that I wanted a short skirt for my master bedroom in my cabin TOO!!!!
Traditional Home Magazine
I'm sure I've done this other places, but I can't remember right now, and I'm done writing this post.
my advice to you guys is to think about what you like,
 not what you think others expect you to like.
for the lovers of long bed shirts, 
keep em long!!!!!
I'm gonna mix it up, baby!!!!!
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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