Well Kampers.....
I'm back up in friggin' Massafreezinchusetts.
Florida was great.
I'm goin' back down in a couple three weeks.
Lots to do down there.
I know I told you about Connie's new project, but she wants me to hold off blogging about it for another month.
being a grown up,
and not needing immediate gratification......
(oy, oy, oy, oy.....)
I will wait.......
you will have to wait too.
I know, I know, it's hard being an adult.
At least I no longer get carded in liquor stores!!!!!
For  now, let's return to Kris's house.

I had you vote on what needlepoint pillows you thought we should buy from eBay for her guest room.....

We considered the rabbits.....
We looked at flowers.....
and more flowers....
There was a lot of discussion, ruminating and opinions asked for and shared.
Then Kris did what I told her to do.......
(no, that's not right......)
Then, Kris did what I suggested would be prettiest!!!!!!!
And she bought the pair of pillow covers that looked like they went together.
The pair immediately above these here words.
They arrived from eBay.
(you can see we are waiting for the sconce custom shade......)
I had told Kris when we looked at them on line, that I would want to cut the tassels off.
When they came, we definitely thought that they were too 1990's in style.
to show her what I meant, 
I tucked the tassels under to give the effect I was describing.

I carried them back to my home, and spent a couple of hours removing the excess stuff on these here pillows.

Here's a close up before I started.....
Come closer.....
There is a rope trim sewn over the tassels, so I had to cut that off first.
Then I cut off each tassel.
Here they are, one done and one still to go.
Look how uncluttering the shape gives it more of the style of today.
Without the tassels, the trim became very simple and gave a nice edge to the pillow cover.
Here they are, both done.
I still need to order the feather pillow forms.
I told Kris that I would do that while I was in Flerida.
I lied......
I think these will look great on her guest room beds.

 I feel so torn.
I have so much to do in both Florida and Massachusetts.
But at least it gives me a lot to blog about.
And that's a good thing for you guys!!!!!
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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