This one was too big.....

This ones too small.....

And this one is JUST RIGHT!!!!!
If you've been following my blog,
 and shame on you if you haven't.....
you know that I've been looking for a chair for the corner of Kris's master bedroom.
It's opposite her bed.
To the right of the chest of drawers.
We first found a chair while antiquing, that ended up being too short.
I can't remember if I told you guys the story of finding this.
at danger of repeating myself.....
here's the story!!!!!
Once upon a time, 
this past summer,
Kris and I went antiquing down to a new spot we had found.
there were a whole bunch of stores and dealers and antiques and junk.
Just what we like.
as is wont to happen when I spend a long time antiquing.....
there comes a point when I have to pee.
I'm in the bathroom, doing what folks do in the bathroom.
When I left the stall to wash my hands, 
my tiny little eyes spied a chair in the corner of the room.
It was a large bathroom.
Not the normal little holes in the wall of your average antique store.
I am a conn-new-sour of places to pee.....
back to the chair.
I saw a chair!!!!!
I liked it!!!!
So, I started to scream....
"Kris, Kris, Kris, come look at this chair!!!!!"

Now the problem with yakking as much as I do,
making lots of noise,
creating commotions......
is that when I call my buddy, she doesn't always pay attention to me.....

So, I had to go out and drag her into the bathroom.
This is what I saw.....
I figured I could try to reupholster it.
We asked the proprietor if it was for sale.
Whereupon she said.....
give me 20 bucks and it's yours.
So we did, and it is!!!!!!
We dragged it home in my trusty Subaru Outback, and carried it upstairs to Kris's bedroom.
only it was tooooo small......
way too small.......
So, ever since then, we have been looking for a taller chair.
I found one that would have been perfect on Craig's List.
It was pricey, but that's because it was an antique.
I've never reupholstered channels.
It would have been a challenge.

Kris wasn't sure,
then she saw the same type of chair in a picture of a beautiful room, and she decided that....
"Yes!!!! it would be the perfect chair!!!!!"
Only by then it had been sold.

I tried not to give Kris a hard time.
I really, really did.......
I kept looking.
Kris found this one at Baker.

Tres Stylish!!!!
Nice and tall.
But I kept looking,
and looking,
and looking.
And I found one on First Dibs.
We both fell in love with it.
Kris bought it, and we are just waiting for it to be shipped.
Depending on it's condition, we might leave the upholstery as is and just fix the welting around the outside.
Or we might have to redo the whole shebang.

Here are some more details of this great chair that is NICE AND TALL!!!!!
The legs......
The arms.....
The back.....
The front.....
The side!!!!!

It's just the right style for the room.
I hope it's the right size, 'cuz this baby wasn't cheap.
But then.....
what do I care?????
It's not my money!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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