Remember this?

Yup, a UHAUL trailer, even had the hitch attached there!

And here is what was inside... 

Perfect for my upcoming kitchen reno!

Got the stools from TARGET at $99 for 2

I've always wanted one of these and I have been browsing for a while now. But because of budget constraints, I've pushed off getting one until now.

We saw this baby over at HOMEGOODS in Atlanta...

It was on CLEARANCE and the manager, even gave me an extra substantial discount because of a scratch on the refrigerator's side and a missing grill plate! I could not pass it up. And luckily, my husband was supportive and we got it back here in Illinois!

Moving it out of the trailer was another story. 
We first tried calling movers in our area, but since it was a holiday weekend, we didn't get any call back. So we decided to do something like this...

... well, not exactly like this, but the concept is similar. BAYANIHAN is a term we use for communal effort to help a neighbor in need particularly in building or literally, moving a whole house! 
We needed this kind of power, so we decided to call our available friends for an afternoon barbecue and of course, moving this super heavy bar/kitchen!

It took 10 people to carry this thing to where it is now, but I think the effort was all worth it! Plus, we know more how much our friends are willing to help us and be part of good ol' BAYANIHAN! We are indeed very grateful! THANK YOU!!!!!

Have you ever bought anything this big from one of your holiday vacations? Please do share away!

Have a Great Day!!!

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