Hokay, Kampers.....
Let's resume looking at my buddy, Kris's guest room.
I like to hang a lot of art on walls with patterned wallpaper.
It cuts into the pattern, softening the overall effect.
Kris found this oil painting at an auction we attended.
We felt it would be perfect for the largest wall in the guest room.
Here's the wall with just the wallpaper.
That's a lot of uninterrupted pattern.....
Before I hung the painting, we balanced it on the little table, to make sure we liked how it was going to work.
Can you tell the theme of the room?????
Kris has been collecting flower paintings for the last year.
I showed you the watercolor I fixed for her.....
This replaced the needlepoint we had originally planned on using.
Kris scored another wonderful oil at auction of a young girl.
We are going to hang it on the wall, across from the bedroom door, so It's the first thing you see when you come into the room.
We can't hang it until the frou frou chair is painted and reupholstered, since the painting will be hanging over it.
The wall with the chest of drawers, 
(that was fabulously painted by moi.....)
will have a collection of floral prints and oils around it.

We should get these hung this week.
But for right now.......
I am slaving away on the frou frou chair.
Remember how I told you guys that I was going to make you suffer along with me?????
So let me show you what I've done in the past week and two days.....
I started with this.
Pulled out my trusty tools....
And started taking off the upholstery.
First, I pulled off the trim that was glued over the staples.
I saved it, so I would know how much double welting I was going to need to make,
when I reupholstered the chair.
I was just sailing along at this point, thinking this was going to be a walk in the park!!!!!
Whoever upholstered this chair last, wasn't kidding around.
He did it to last forever!!!!!
I started on the back.
I thought it would be a snap to pull the back off.....
I started with the outside arm.
So far, it wasn't too bad!!!
I got to the back and came to a screeching halt.
Not exactly a halt...
more like just going really, really, really slowly.
It was done in three pieces.
All stapled all over the place and then sewn together.
By this point I was...
not having a good time.
I finally got the back off and started on the inside.
I thought I would be able to save the inside foam, and just plug the tufting holes.
I swear, 
this chair was not meant to ever get redone.
It was put together to last for #$% ever!!!
In the middle of all this torture....
I found some money in the seat!!!!
55 cents!
Now Kris's husband can retire.
I finally got the inside back foam off,
and started on the last part.
Finally getting it stripped down to where I wanted it.
I am leaving some of it still on, as I will reuse this part.
I left the seat deck on, as this will be recovered.
While working on the inside back....
I found some more money!!!!!
2 nickles a dime and a penny!!!!!
I was feeling tres rich!!!

Boy was I glad to get this part done.
Kris offered to strip the upholstery off it for me
(as it is her chair)....
but I want to do it all!!!!!
So when it's done, I can brag!!!
After it was denuded,
I painted two coats of Old White Chalk Paint on the frame.
What an improvement!!!!!
Today, I started painting the green details.
I am using the color Versailles on all the do dads.
I've only done the legs so far, this is taking for @#$ ever!!!
some close ups!!!

Up to yesterday, it went like this....
And as of right now....this very minute....as I am typing this blog!!!!!
It's like this here....
So, now, 
I only need to....
finish painting the details.
wax it.
distress it.
wax it a little more.
and then...
oy, oy, oy, oy
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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