On my birthday, 
I thought I would have a really good time with my buddy Kris!!!!!
lots of folks would do something like go to the movies.....
go to a party.....
go shopping.....
not me!!!!!
NO, NO, NO!!!!!
For fun on my big day, I wanted to hang pictures in Kris's powder room.
I know,
I know.
I'm a little strange.
But you must be too, 'cuz you're reading this.....
This is the way the room looked before I attacked it with my hammer and nails.
If you want to read how we got this far in this room....click here.
Kris and I have been looking for something to hang on the walls for the past year.
We found some wonderful ship prints, but got to the auction too late to bid on them.
The auctioneer that day was going really fast, and we timed it wrong.
It really fried our goats.
But not to worry,
there's always something else just around the corner, when you deal with old stuff.
There was an auction of military things.
Old guns.
Old instruments.
Old uniforms.
(no old guys, though)
There were also some old military prints.
Since most of the people at the auction were guys, they were there for the manly stuff.....
no one bid against us for the decorating stuff, like these prints.
So we lucked out, and I think they're really unusual, and work well with the map wallpaper.
The guys in the prints are British solders, 
and the maps are of Great Britain,
so they actually make sense, sort of, in this room!!!!!
I will now show you in excruciating detail, how I hung every one of these suckers.
I started with two in the middle of the wall on the right.....
some people would think that that was enough......
That the job was done.....
I was just getting started.
I made really light marks with a pencil, to note where I wanted the next picture to hang.....
And then I couldn't find the mark.
Kris came up with the brilliant idea of using post it notes to help!!!!!
I stuck the tab on the wall, and marked with pen on the tab, 
I continued on with my bad self, and hung some more of these guys.
Three down, a million to go.....
I worked out from the center.
I was starting to get hungry.....but I kept going....
NOT BAD!!!!! NOT BAD!!!!!
One across from the toilet.
It's a little larger than the others, so we hung it by itself.
At this point, I was faint from lack of food, so Kris took me out for my birthday lunch.
I had a hankering for nachos.
I normally don't allow myself to eat this kind of thing,
so I went hog wild, and stuffed my face.
I must have told the waitress 3 or 4 times that it was my birthday.....
(I'm so grown up.....)
so, after I couldn't eat another bite, she brought over complementary fried ice cream.
I was absolutely stuffed.
I had some anyway.
Later that afternoon, I became comatose, and vowed never to do this again.
Let's see how long I remember this lesson......
before I lost all use of my arms and legs....
we returned to Kris's house, and finished the bathroom.

I added  one over the toilet.....
and then another.....
It was starting to really come together.
Across from the six prints I had hung, I planned to hang six more.
I couldn't fit any along side the sconce, so I had to settle for just four on that wall.
They balanced the six opposite just fine,
when I look into this powder room.....
the walls don't look bare to me anymore!!!!!
Kris says she likes the fact that the frames are so beat up.....
but I may just touch them up with some black paint.
You know how I love me some paint.

On that note.....
Latah, Gatah


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