Before I was a blogger.....
Before I ever heard of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.....
Before I was sucked into the world of DIY bloggers.....
I painted a chest of drawers.
This was one of the first pieces of furniture that my bidness partner, Kris and I 
bought for our very important and highly chic antique store.
We did not know what the hell we were doing.
Our goal was to make at least 25 cents apiece, and have some fun.
The guy that sold this to us saw us coming.....
He couldn't get away with this now!!!!
The condition this was in was not so great.
Lots of veneer loss.
I am embarrassed to say.....I agreed to pay way too much for it.
It is very well made.
I think the lines are pretty.
However, there was no room left for any profit.
we did what we always do in this case.....
we kept if for ourselves!!!!!
It is now in Kris's guest room,
waiting to have all sorts of art work hung above its pretty head.
The color is a little off from the other greens in the room, but I like it like that.
I like when things aren't perfect.
When I painted this baby, I had to sand the whole thing and patch the veneer.
I didn't know about Elmers wood filler, so I used Bondo.
Way more difficult.
Then I primed it.
Pain in my @$$.
Then I painted it with Benjamin Moore paint.
I painted all the little details in an off white with a little brush in a fairly dark space with my nose up against the bureau so I could see what the hell I was doing.
It took forever.
I painted the criss crossey things....
and the little molding on the drawers.....
And the molding on the side panels.....
And the details on the feet.
Then, I distressed it for an aged look.
All I can say now is....
Thank goodness for Annie Sloan. 
Now I can paint furniture to my little hearts content, and not have to do all that prep work.
If I hadn't started blogging, I would never have found out all sorts of cool @#$!!!

On that note,
It's time for my dinner....
Latah, Gatah



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