Sorry for being M.I.A. on blogging. Been crazy busy with last days at my old clinics, recent visit to Atlanta for the 4th and finally trying to start packing my kitchen...

See some of the stuff I'm dealing with!!!

Any suggestions on how to organize and pack some of these? Remember I still need to feed my family during the entire process? Any TIPS will be greatly appreciated. :-)

We brought something inside this trailer all the way from Atlanta!!!! Yup, I found a great bargain that I had to have for my home , can you guess what it is?! It's such a deal that I even had a hitch attached to my van just to get this baby home. I'll let you know what it is soon!!!

Before the 4th I also had to say good-bye to the wonderful staff I worked with over at CHESI. It was bittersweet and I will always be grateful to these people  for  their support & friendship.

Good-byes were not only sad between me and the staff, but with most of my patients too and this one touched me the most and I will miss her terribly!!!

And lastly, some good news...

So it is real! After more than 2 years of blogging, I got me some google-love! Not much, but still so happy for getting something I do for fun!!!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Week!
Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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