I like soft lighting in bedrooms.
There are all different ways to accomplish this.
In my buddy, Kris's guest room, we replaced the paper lantern that had been hanging from the ceiling with a vintage fixture that shed an all over warm glow.
I spent days scouring ebay before I found this.
I was very excited!!!!!
Kris, bless her heartless soul, gleefully pointed out, that I must really like this fixture....
because I had found the same style for her bedroom.....
Well, at least the canopies and stems are different.
this is a good thing, because the rooms are side by side, so it won't look like a sample sale at a lighting store.
Between the two iron beds, I had the electrician wire another vintage light made of glass, that is a wall sconce.
I am a sucker for this type of light, and have two similar ones in my master bath....
We didn't have a lamp shade yet for Kris's sconce, so I went shopping in my closet inventory, and found the shade I had used on my sconce in my Watertown home.
I drove it over had it carefully shipped to Kris's house, and we tried it on her old sconce in her new guest room.
I think it is da bomb!!!!!
It is just an old beat up shade from a junk store.
Underneath it.....
we originally were going to hang a framed needlepoint picture.....
that we got at auction.
We Kris bought a pair....
They're really pretty.

It looked nice against the wallpaper....
 under the sconce.
But then.....
I started working on a watercolor from ebay.
When Kris got it, it was matted in a 
screaming white.
But after my eyeopening experience in Flerida,
I assured Kris that I could fix this baby!!!!!
I took it out of the frame.....
And found that it was glued to the mat.
So I cut out a piece of paper the same size as the painting, to cover the part I wanted to protect.
and then I dry brushed the mat with some Chalk Paint.
I took off the protective paper, to see how I was doin'.....
I like it!!!!!
I taped off part of the mat for a contrasting stripe,
put back the special protective cover, custom made by moi.....
and painted the green stripe around the watercolor.
Then, I crammed it all back together.
Now, it looks like an expensive mat job.
I replaced the needlepoint picture with this watercolor, just to see how it would look.....
Kris and I decided that we liked this better.
True to form.
I didn't take an overall shot of the room with it in it.
But I will for the next post, when I show you the rest of the art work on the walls.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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