One of my readers commented on not liking furniture in front of windows.
Now, normally I agree that I don't like to block a window with stuff.
there are exceptions to every rule.
Sometimes bedrooms have windows just where you want to put the bed/beds!
This happens mostly in older homes.
My buddy Kris's house is around 130 years old.
Maybe they didn't have beds back then........
I often have to put beds in front of windows to allow for the best arrangement of furniture.
In these cases, I use metal beds that have an open work headboard.
This way the window is not blocked.
I did the same thing in her master bedroom.....
(We're in the process of getting bedding for her bed.....)
(I wish her blinds would come in, already, the lace sheers on on my last nerve.....)
And in my guest room.....
In Kris's guest room, 
I took advantage of this problem,
and made it into a design accent.
For the windows behind the beds,I had the valances curve out a little, like half testers, to create a romantic backdrop for the beds.
Notice that the valances curve forward over the headboards.
For the other window, the valance was made straight across.

It's subtle, but these are the types of details that float my boat.
Often when I design draperies with valances, I add a contrast tape or cuff at the bottom.
This works to visually separate the fabric, so the valance shape is more clearly defined.
I very often use the same fabric on the bedskirts as I do on the hangings behind the bed.
This creates a cohesive look, creating the feel of it being one unit.
In this case I'm using the large floral for the skirts.
We haven't had them made yet....
because I'm waiting for Kris to get the mattresses on the beds made, so that they end up being the same height off the floor.....
I'm getting sick of hinting......
maybe, when she reads this post, she'll get off her @$$ and get if done already.....

We've chosen the fabric to use on the frou frou chair!!!!!
Remember this?
I'm going to reupholster it with this....
It's a linen, and I can sorta see things behind it, so I may need to cover the chair first with lining fabric.
(pain in my butttt.)
For those of you interested, 
here's the info for the fabric.
Here it is with the other patterns in the room.
I thinks it's  going to lay out on the chair beautifully!
As I redo this chair, I will share the journey in excruciating detail!!!!!
I must say, I just love this room.
I wish I could use this stuff in my house,
but I've run out of space.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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