I need your help! I'm so confused as to what kind of pendant I should put on our island.

With all the beautiful pendants out there choosing one is sooo difficult! This is the vent that's going on the island...

                                                                 Zephyr Island Hood Milano G series

The plan's changed a bit and instead of having the vent centered on the island, I decided to have it centered in the kitchen instead. Meaning if I stick with this original lay-out...

                                          Vent will be moved this way --> 
... the vent would be covering the refrigerator area. So, we decided to put the cooktop off center to the right. And with that, I will need 2 pendant lights over the island to the left <----- side of the island.

I want pendant fixtures that are fairly easy to clean, don't want any shades or fabric close to my vent and I don't want any uplight as well. Here are my favorites...

Small Hicks Pendant
Super love this one, not too big, but price-wise, pretty expensive, hence my hesitation

Stylish Selection Chrome Pendant

The cheapest ($49) of my options but definitely not lagging behind in beauty. Saw this at Lowe's already and I do love it but the only thing is the that I might get 'chrome' overload since a lot of my appliances will be stainless steel on the island.
Jonathan Adler Rio Pendant

Love this one for it's simplicity. However, might be a bit big for the space. Have to see first when island cabinet is placed...
Cap & Globe Pendant
Cute, classy and simple. Nothing not to love about this one.

Jonathan Adler Pendant
Another Adler fave, mid-century chic.
Mercury Glass Pendant light
Very pretty to look at and price-wise, super reasonable compared to the others. Only possible issue is again the size.

Ecran Pendant Light in Lattice

My ultimate fave right now. This lighting is sort of customizable. There are 2 types of  of finish on the outer glass, gold or platinum plus, 3 different patterns - Lattice, Moroccan and Plaid. I love the plaid the best. What's more, you can buy extra glass shade and change it up when you get tired! 
Only down side? Of course, the price!

Anyway, your guessing that I'm going for gold/brass accents. Hence, my love for more of this type of fixture. If you were to choose, what would you choose? What's your dream kitchen lighting? Do you have the lighting of your choice in your kitchen? What did you consider before you picked that one?

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