After all the planning and ordering for the kitchen, and packing it up and 'moving' it elsewhere all around the house, we finally began renovation last Wednesday, July 24.

For anyone who's done anything like this, I SALUTE YOU!!!

Our Daily Life  as we knew it was transformed, literally and figuratively! Just take a look at what my house looks like now....

My Pantry in the Living room

My other Kitchen Mess in the Dining room

I tried organizing things well, but since nobody knew ( That includes me) where everything was or where things had to go back in to, it just became pure CHAOS! I've learned to live with this chaos because trying to 'fight' it was truly a futile effort! Hahahaha! The old adage of, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em", truly applies to how I try to fix our stuff right now! And I know you all can sympathize with me on that. 

Aside from our outdoor space and kitchen (the big bright spot in this whole fiasco which I will share later on), we have settled in the basement...

DISPOSABLES - My 'bestfriends' at the moment!

Another Lifesaver - the Little Cooker that could!

It truly works fine for now and we get to watch movies too as we finish up eating (Bear with me as I try to see the positives in our situation)! We're also adding a small exhaust here on the ceiling using the duct work on the vent from our old kitchen. 

As for the Kitchen itself, here's what we had so far...

DAY 1 - removal of the appliances

DAY 2 - Removal of the countertops and sink
DAY 3 Removal of the old cabinets itself & Some of the old floor

On Day 4 the carpenters put some of the cabinets in place already to see the overall lay-out and I definitely was so excited for that part! I'll share that with you soon!

For now, I know you can understand why my posting has been sporadic, as things progress, things need to be decided upon and ordered. So far, except for some minor 'gliches', I think things are going smoothly. But PLEASE, continue to cross your fingers for us!!!! ;-)

Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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